BURNCO Corporate

Carburn Park


“Sustainable construction is our business” BURNCO Environmental Responsibility Statement


Gravel is a non-renewal natural resource and is not found everywhere. It must be located, developed and reclaimed in a responsible manner. All levels of government regulate the gravel industry.

BURNCO reclaims their properties to final end use, sites are reclaimed back to farming and ranching, other examples are turning lands into parks and subdivisions as a final end use of the land.

BURNCO is a nationally recognized as an industry leader in responsible practice and site reclamation. Carburn Park and the Riverbend subdivision in southeast Calgary are located on a former BURNCO gravel pit. This showcase development effectively demonstrates the company’s commitment to reclamation.


Carburn Park Reclamation

Progressive reclamation shown here at BURNCO’s Springbank Operations

Highway 16 Reclamation



BURNCO’s corporate environmental policy stipulates that we reduce and reuse, and to this end we use Recycled Asphalt Product (RAP) and Recycled Asphalt Shingles (RAS) as feed stock at our asphalt production facilities. These products allow BURNCO to reuse asphalt tear out and asphalt shingles that otherwise would end up in a landfill.

Ready Mix

BURNCO aims for a zero throw away policy on returned concrete. If the concrete coming back to the plant is of sufficient quality it is made into stack blocks for use in retaining walls, dividers or barriers. If the product isn't of sufficient quality or all block molds are full, the product is windrowed and later pushed into a waste pile. Once sufficient product is in the pile a crusher is brought in and the rubble is made into a product suitable for road gravel. Some concrete plants have concrete recycling equipment that separates cement slurry from rock and sand. These products are then later reused to make concrete for certain applications. Returned concrete may also be used to pave plant sites but this can only be done when weather conditions permit.


Every BURNCO asphalt production facility uses natural gas to dry its aggregate and heat the asphalt cement. BURNCO’s newest asphalt plant located in Acheson has the required technology and equipment to capture the blue smoke that is generated during asphalt production and reuse it. Utilizing the blue smoke makes the plant more efficient and minimizes the discharge into the atmosphere.


BURNCO prides itself on meeting or exceeding Government Environmental regulations for water use.


To minimize any potential effect on our neighbours, we developed and implemented a dust management plan which applies to our truck transport, operations and crushing. An example of this can be seen at our four state of the art counter flow drum style and one batch style asphalt plants; each of these is equipped with a bag-house to capture dust and reintroduce it into the asphalt.


BURNCO recognizes the importance of minimizing noise in the communities where we operate. We have developed a comprehensive noise management plan that demonstrates to our neighbours, employees and customers that we value good relations. BURNCO’s noise management plan includes policies and procedures to ensure that our noise reduction targets are met in both our operations and truck transportation.