Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

As the Owner/Operator of Living Earth Landscapes, I have had the pleasure of being a loyal BURNCO Landscape Centres customer for over 13 years. During that time I have been consistently impressed with the level of professionalism and dedication that the BURNCO Landscape team brings to every job they handle. Their staff is constantly on the hunt for new and exciting products while supplying them in a timely manner. When a mistake happens they are quick to rectify any issues, they back up their words with action and have never let me down even when it takes a miracle to get a product to me in time for a job. Anyone who deals with BURNCO Landscape can be confident that they are dealing with professionals who are flexible and can get the job done correctly, timely, and at a great price. In my many years of landscaping, I have yet to come across another company that can deliver anywhere the level of service and professionalism I have received from BURNCO Landscape Centres.

Alex Staub Owner/Operator Living Earth Landscapes

We at Saunders Landscaping trust the experts of BURNCO Landscape Centres for all of our commercial and residential landscaping requirements. They provide a vast range of products at competitive prices, and all in a timely manner.

Miranda Van Heyst Project Coordinator Saunders Landscaping

I have been a Landscaping Contractor for 9 years now and have worked with many different suppliers throughout Calgary, most of which offer similar product and pricing but cannot compete when it comes to overall customer service and satisfaction. BURNCO Landscape Centres have repeatedly shown excellent communication, and go above and beyond to assist me with any issue I might have with orders, pricing or product.  Everyone from internal staff in the Contractor Office to all yard staff continues to make extra efforts to assure I am taken care of effectively and efficiently, therefore resulting in my complete loyalty as a business owner. As a small business owner, this means a lot as I know there are many Contractors that BURNCO Landscape Centres deals with and to know that no matter what size business you are, that you are treated just as fairly and efficiently as other bigger companies are very appealing to me! Thanks everyone for another successful year together and have a great winter!

Jeff McLeod Urban Innovation Landscaping

I operate a smaller “niche” landscape company that places an emphasis on design, unique products, and efficient delivery of services. Over the last 10 years, one of the only suppliers I have not had to change is BURNCO Landscape Centres. They are typically at the leading edge of product procurement. From aluminum lawn edging, to locally sourced high-quality compost, to a solid selection of natural stone. None of this compares to their staff who are knowledgeable, helpful in the yard, deliver on time with a flexible approach to customer service. Simply put, BURNCO Landscape is a constant in my business and makes the challenges of operating a landscaping company significantly more manageable

Mark Patton OutsideMatters Landscaping

Dealing with BURNCO, we have consistently purchased their aggregate, asphalt and concrete products for over 10 years with great satisfaction.  All BURNCO sales reps are knowledgeable, friendly and easy to deal with, everything a contractor could ask for.  The products almost always meet the specifications required and when something is slightly out, the issue is dealt with promptly.  Quality is never lowered to meet the always competitive pricing.  Dispatch, deliveries and supply of aggregate, asphalt and concrete are typically on time, better than most other suppliers.  We will continue to use BURNCO as a main supplier for as long as we’re in business.

It has been my great pleasure to work in tandem with BURNCO here in Calgary, and also on occasion in Edmonton. In addition to most of the gravels we place here at Bluebird Contracting Services, BURNCO supplies most of the asphalt we place as well. Bluebird Contracting Services started a paving division in 2012, and could never have began that venture without the support and availability of BURNCO. In the course of the last 5 years of paving for us, we have completed many forms of paving: bridge decks with Superpave mix designs, City streets with Superpave mix designs, commercial parking lots with commercial B mix designs, Municipal District overlays with City B mix designs, and Highway 1 in Banff as well. BURNCO has worked with us over the years to supply all of the above, both night and day work. BURNCO has an excellent staff who understand not only the industry but also the variables and challenges associated with it. I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with Derek, Eric, and Cody… But together we have seen our way to numerous resolutions to the challenges I face as a paving superintendent, and that they face as an asphalt supplier. If it were not for the competitive pricing we receive from Tracy Banser I’d have to say that Bluebird would never have gotten a foothold in the paving industry during our infancy as a paving contractor. Bluebird owes a debt of gratitude to BURNCO in a very specific way… My hat is off and hand on heart for the relationship we’ve built, both professionally and personally. Cheers to many years of paving to come! I recommend BURNCO for any civil contractor: hands down the best service I get! Kind regards to Derek, Eric, Cody, Tracy, and Yvonne in aggregates, Thanks a million.

Mike McMahon Bluebird Contracting

I’ve been involved in the paving business within the city of Calgary for over 30 years. Our company began purchasing asphalt from BURNCO in the early 1990’s and has continued to do so ever since. We are both local, privately owned company’s and the relationships we have built, from the plant personnel on up, certainly reflects that. Their service is exceptional as well as consistent with almost no time lost to us due to plant down time and the quality of the material is also very good as well as consistent, regardless of the plant used. We have a valued business relationship that is hopefully beneficial to both party’s and will hopefully continue well into the future.

 BURNCO has always been a great partner with us. The service, quality and pricing we receive is second to none.

Matt Ulmer General Manager North West Paving Ltd.

I just wanted to drop a line to let you know we wanted to get 20 mm B tomorrow for City of St. Albert.  At first Tammy thought it not possible due to the number of mix design orders already in the system. After chatting with her she called me back and advised she was able to switch a customer/s to a different mix design which would make it possible for us to get the 20 mm B for COSA tomorrow. Talk about going above and beyond! She could have easily just left the situation alone, and I would have thought none the less. But instead she took the “bull by the horns” to help us out! Amazing job…As previously mentioned in discussions about your frontline staff, this is just another great example of your team’s expertise and service levels and speaks to the trusted relationships they have built with your clientele. I did express to her my gratitude on the phone but wanted to also let you know.

I am always glad to see BURNCO as a supplier when looking at new job starts. The service which they offer  is only matched by their highly skilled and professional team which has continuously delivered time and time again for us here at DeFord Contracting Inc. BURNCO is a trusted partner of team DeFord which ensures we deliver to our clients on time every time !

Partnering with BURNCO on projects means we receive exceptional service, products, and support from start to finish.  

Murray Kuzio Estimator/Project Manager Thompson Infrastructure Ltd.

“At DeFord Contracting, it is critical to our business that we get quality supply at our expected productions.  By knowing that we will get the material ordered, we can stay on schedule and focus on performing for our clients with confidence that the material supplied will meet the local municipal standards.  BURNCO is a valued asphalt and gravel supplier to our business as they always meet our high expectations and material supply demands.”

Bestway Concrete has been a partner with Suntec Concrete since our company entered the Colorado market in 2016.  They have  a company culture with the urgency to grow and develop which has aligned well with our company.

I have been pumping concrete for thirteen years. I have pumped with many different ready mixed suppliers. With that being said one supplier that defiantly stands out above the rest is Bestway. Bestway has always supplied high quality concrete with excellent service. Bestway has created a customer/supplier relationship. Relationship to me means I know that I am getting a high quality product with excellent service that I know I can count on. When we order Bestway they’re on time. They have experienced drivers that are great to work with positive attitudes. As an operator and now manager I enjoy working with Bestway.

Ty Woods Fleet Manager McClure Concrete Inc.

Here at KB Concrete System, Inc., we expect three things: First – show up on time. Second – show up on time, with a plan. Thirdly – show up on time , with a plan that works. Choosing the right ready mix company can either help you succeed, or contribute to your failure. Partnering with Bestway Concrete has been one of our best company decisions. Their philosophy and ours match. On time, with a plan, and a product that’s rock solid!

Bestway Concrete has been a huge part of our success here at McClure Concrete Inc. for over ten years. Their ability to service our account within our specific needs is truly the best in the market. We have quality relationships at all levels of the organization from drivers to the top of the organizational chart. We let our field personnel and pump operators chose the ready mix suppler they want, and most often the choice is Bestway Concrete. Looking forward to many more years of success together.

Unlike all the other concrete providers in the Denver area, Bestway will accommodate the unexpected things that come up on my jobsite and get me concrete when I need it.  Whenever I have an issue related to the concrete, Bestway is quick and eager to respond and do whatever he can to help.  The service Bestway has provided to me on my projects over the last 7 years has been by far the best in town.

Eric Young Project Superintendent Pinkard Construction

Bestway consistently delivers the highest level of quality and customer service I have experienced in the ready mix industry.

I love working with a company with integrity as well as great customer service, and Bestway has both to offer.

Concrete supply is something that affects schedules, other trades, and quality.  That is why we enjoy doing business with Bestway Concrete.  They are always reliable, their mixes have never failed to meet strength, quantities are never an issue, and as a result, our projects always stay on schedule coming out of the ground which is key to a successful project.  The personal touch separates Bestway, they are always available to talk through mix design questions, support with questions on additives, and any other questions you or the engineers may have.