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BURNCO has a rich legacy of more than 110 years, garnering us a reputation as an industry leader in the construction materials space. We are on a mission to provide our valued customers with quality products, services, and solutions to serve our communities sustainably.

02 OCT, 2019



At BURNCO we value our customers and we strive to exceed expectations with excellent support and a personal touch that sets us apart from the competition. We’re also proud to support our community and our employees with a solid commitment to environmental and social responsibility. BURNCO recognizes that the safety of our employees, contractors, and neighbors is critical to our long-term success. It’s a responsibility that we take seriously in everything we do.


  • 312-acre site, 100 acres of which will be developed as a limestone quarry 1.1 million tons of limestone products will be produced annually
  • Supporting over 100 jobs during construction
  • 16 full-time employees
  • Construction costs exceed $20M with over half of that being spent on local suppliers near Shoreline
  • Upon completion the quarry will contribute more than $1M annually to local suppliers

“This is a great achievement for the folks at our Krugerville plant who have worked very diligently to be engaged and involved in the community,” said Paul Rouse, General Manager for BURNCO. “This is what we work to do at every one of our facilities, and we certainly understand the importance of ourcommunities and how we can improve and strengthen our neighborhoods.”

Aerial view of Krugerville plant


  • Installation of a potable water line will supply neighbors who were previously on well water systems.
  • We have subscribed to a low-impact energy plan to reduce our impact during state-wide peak or high-demand hours.
  • Installation of native plant and vegetation berms to reduce noise and sight pollution.
  • State-of-the-art water reclamation and recycling systems will reduce water requirements at the facility by 90%
  • Secondary water capture and filtration systems will back up the primary system and ensure that water is captured and treated onsite prior to any discharge.
  • A separate on-site freshwater pond will be developed to act as the primary water source for the facility as well as a wildlife habitat.
  • A power conditioning system will be installed to reduce grid interference and peak loading.
  • All of our sites employ stringent quality control that helps protect our employees, our contractors, and our community.
  • BURNCO employs best-practices programs that benefit our employees, their families, and the communities that we’re proud to work in and serve.
  • BURNCO has implemented a company-wide safety program to ensure that our employees, our contractors, and our community are as secure as possible.
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Federal Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry brings carbon reduction plan to Saskatoon

Concrete is the most used building material on the planet and accounts for seven per cent of global CO2 emissions and 1.5 per cent of Canada’s.

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