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Vertical / High Rise

BURNCO helps build complex high-rise projects with different mixes, specification restraints, limited road access, minimal lay-down areas, cumbersome pumping configurations, and high-volume requirements. BURNCO's years of expertise in customizing and tailoring construction solutions for various high-rise requirements have made us the right choice of architects and developers.


A Vertical or High-Rise is a tall building with a mechanical vertical transport system, such as an elevator, often used for residential or office buildings. High-rises can also serve as hotels, retail, or buildings with multiple purposes combined. Reinforced concrete and steel are the most common construction materials used for structural durability and longevity.
High-rise structures pose specific design challenges for structural and geotechnical engineers, mainly concerned with high-risk factors such as high compressibility or bay mud (thick deposits of soft, unconsolidated silty clay saturated with water).
BURNCO's robust team of experts have extensive knowledge and experience to support your project and ensure that potential risks are mitigated in advance.
BURNCO's extensive experience building stellar high-rise buildings makes us the preferred supplier for high-rise construction projects in North America.
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Benefits of using BURNCO Products

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Uncompromising strength and durability.
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Stringent quality control measures to ensure minimal issues.
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BURNCO staff are constantly onsite to ensure all logistical needs are met.
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Minimal downtimes.