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Ready Mix

Whether it's a fifty story complex, a major infrastructure project, or simply a sidewalk outside your home, we have the ready mix products you need.

ABOUT Ready Mix

As a versatile and durable material, concrete is one of the most widely used construction materials around the world. We rely on concrete as an integral component for safe construction of bridges, tunnels, dams, and our homes. The term "Ready Mix" is used when the concrete constituents are delivered to site, for use as a single product.
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Over the years, BURNCO has developed an extensive capability with permanent and portable ready mix concrete plants in various remote and mega-project environments. With a robust fleet of company-owned mixer trucks, truck mounted boom pumps, mobile mixers, rock slingers and experienced drivers, BURNCO offers maximum flexibility with its ability to move production from one plant to another to meet our customer demands.
BURNCO's automated Central Dispatch and Truck Tracking System connects our plants, ensuring that dispatchers are always informed of the job site progress, truck availability, and plant capacities, providing maximum utilization of the truck fleet and service to the customer.



Cement is produced by calcination of naturally occurring minerals, and is the binding agent in concrete.

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Supplementary Cementing Materials (SCM’s) are naturally occuring materials or synthetic biproducts of industrial processes exhibiting cementitious properties. Typical examples of SCM’s include fly ash, slag, silica fume, pumice, and metakaolin. SCM’s are used for their durability enhancing properties, while significantly reducing the CO2 emissions associated with concrete production.

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Aggregate is crushed and screened to provide consistent sizing, followed by washing to remove contaminants like clay or organic detritus. Different sized aggregates are then recombined in the concrete mixture to provide a material grading suitable for the application.

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Admixtures are combined with the concrete to provide performance characteristics that are otherwise difficult or impossible to achieve. Admixtures can be used to increase concrete flow and workability, enhance strength development, promote or delay concrete set, improve resistance to chemical attack, and even assist with underwater placement.

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our quality assurance

burnco is committed to producing innovative ready mix concrete that meets or exceeds local specifications



Accelerators are added to concrete to decrease setting time and promote early strength development.

Hydration Stabilizers
Hydration stabilizers slow down the chemical reactions responsible for cement set, and are added to concrete when extended hauling/placement time is required, or when dealing with elevated ambient temperature.
Corrosion-Inhibiting Admixtures

Corrosion inhibitor delays the onset of corrosion arising from chloride attack by stabilizing the naturally occuring passivating layer covering concrete reinforcement.

Shrinkage Reducing Admixtures

The inclusion of SRA reduces the amount of shrinkage observed from concrete drying.


Superplasticizers or high range water reducers are used to improve concrete flow and workability without the detrimental effects observed when adding water.


Color addition is an upgrade from gray to a wide range of concrete colors.


Fibers come in a variety of sizes and types, and are typically used to reduce plastic shrinkage and/or as an alternative to steel reinforcement.

Maturity Meters

Maturity Meters use a non-destructive testing method to estimate the in-place strength of concrete by correlating the temperature history of a specific mix to its strength development. Maturity is standardized under ASTM C1074 and specified under ACI 318-26.12.


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Public / Government

At BURNCO, we firmly believe that community growth is directly related to the resilience and continuity of our public infrastructure. With our company’s state-of-the-art innovative products, we provide materials of high quality for the construction of government buildings, bridges and dams.

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When planning a commercial building, it is crucial to utilize the best-in-class materials to ensure a strong, durable, and well-built structure that will stand the test of time. With BURNCO’s materials, projects can be designed to meet the unique needs of everything from small office buildings and convenience stores to large shopping malls and industrial distribution facilities. 

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Residential Developer

Residential spaces demand a premium and high-quality construction materials that ensure longevity without compromising the aesthetics. BURNCO’s high-end products offer both qualities and more to meet the specific requirements of apartment complexes, bungalows, villas, and more. 

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In the healthcare industry, strength and durability are of foremost importance. These buildings range from large multi-storied, multi-specialty hospitals to outpatient treatment centers, long-term care facilities, urgent-care facilities, and medical office buildings.

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Tilt Up

Tilt Up is a unique construction technique wherein the building’s exterior walls and panels are formed horizontally on a concrete slab. They are then erected and tilted on the building.

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Vertical / High-Rise

When planning a commercial building, it is crucial to utilize the best-in-class materials to ensure a strong, durable, and well-built structure that will stand the test of time. With BURNCO’s materials, projects can be designed to meet the unique needs of everything from small office buildings and convenience stores to large shopping malls and industrial distribution facilities.

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Decorative / Architectural

With architects increasingly adopting innovative design techniques for their buildings, concrete can prove to be a powerful solution both for its structural strength and as an aesthetic enhancement of the structure. Often these cherry-on-the-top decorative finishes are integrally cast with a reinforced concrete frame.

Ready Mix Solutions

BURNCO's innovative and cutting-edge ready mix concrete solutions help complete your project with superior quality and speed.

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Aridus rapid drying concrete, a proprietary concrete mix, reduces drying time and risks associated with excess moisture to enable faster, safer flooring installation


Recycled Concrete

BURNCO is committed to reducing our environmental impact of construction materials, and use waste materials to create new construction materials.

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Recycled Concrete

With our commitment to the environment and building greener communities, waste materials are used in a recycling strategy to create durable and sustainable construction materials.


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Need more assistance? Contact us.

What is Ready Mix concrete?

Ready-mixed concrete is delivered in trucks that mix the concrete on the way to the job site. It is unhardened and in a flowable state, ready to be poured. The trucks on streets with revolving drum mixers carry ready-mixed concrete.

Are cement and concrete the same?

There is often confusion surrounding the use of the terms "cement" and "concrete." It is important to note that cement is the binding agent in concrete. When mixed with water, cement forms a paste. When this paste is combined with sand and gravel, it becomes concrete. Concrete is a strong and durable material that is commonly used in construction for building driveways, sidewalks, and walls.

How long does it take for concrete to set?

Many variables, such as the kind of mix used and the temperature, make a difference in how long it takes for concrete to set. Generally, an initial set is reached between two and four hours after the pour. A final set can be achieved in 24 hours. But concrete could take more than one month to get its ultimate strength.

Why does concrete crack?

Concrete naturally shrinks as it matures, and is subject to volume changes from temperature and moisture cycling. As a brittle material, it's somewhat implict that concrete will crack to relieve stress associated with changes in volume, and emphasis is best placed on controlling where the cracks occur rather than prevention.

What are concrete Joints?

Joints allow for the expansion and shrinkage of concrete due to temperature and moisture variations. There are three kinds of joints: construction, contraction, and expansion. All three are considered to be 'engineered cracks

Asphalt costs less than concrete, so why use concrete for driveways?

The simple answer is that asphalt breaks down more quickly. Concrete driveways can last more than 30 years without much maintenance. With asphalt, you need periodic applications of surface and crack sealer. Even then, asphalt will have a shorter lifespan. A concrete driveway is also more appealing when you resell a home.

Will colored concrete lose its brilliance over time?

No. If color is added to the concrete and then mixed with the concrete's other ingredients, the color will blend throughout the mix. Even if a crack appears in the future or the mortar is chipped, the color will appear in the newly exposed concrete.

What should I know about having concrete delivered to a job site or for my residence?

It's important to keep in mind that concrete trucks are very large and heavy when fully loaded. Talk to a BURNCO manager about the construction of driveways and approaches to the work site. There are many kinds of equipment that can be used to get concrete into hard-to-reach areas, such as pumps and conveyer belt-like transport devices.

What is finishing?

After the concrete is poured, it is textured to give it a finished look. A variety of finishes can be achieved, depending on the tools used.