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BURNCO prides itself in producing concrete and other related construction materials customized to the complex specifications required by many hospitals and healthcare facilities.

About healthcare

In the healthcare industry, strength, durability, vibration control and fire resistance are of foremost importance. These buildings range from large multi-storied, multi-specialty hospitals to outpatient treatment centers, long-term care facilities, urgent care facilities, and medical office buildings.
BURNCO has enabled the construction of many healthcare buildings used for medical treatment or facilities for periodic appointments. These facilities range from large multi-story hospitals in urban areas to outpatient treatment centers, long-term and urgent care facilities, and medical office buildings.
A well-built hospital building using BURNCO's best grade of rock material help the medical staff efficiently deliver quality healthcare and provide a positive atmosphere that aids in speedy patient recovery.
Healthcare facilities are a cornerstone of any community, and hospitals must utilize suitable construction materials. BURNCO Concrete paves the way to accomplish all these requirements by improving the facilities function and whole-life performance.
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Benefits of using BURNCO Products

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Concrete is inert with no harmful off-gassing with enhanced natural ventilation to provide damage-resistant surfaces for walls, partitions, columns, soffits, and claddings.
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Concrete provides inherent fire resistance and requires no added fire protection.
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Adequate acoustic performance to provide a restful, productive environment that is isolated from noise and vibrations resulting from normal hospital routines.
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Vibration control in crucial areas such as operation theatres.
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Durability that can withstand the wear and tear likely to occur in a hospital environment.