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Recycled Asphalt

BURNCO is dedicated to the production of sustainable construction materials. We use reclaimed asphalt to create new asphalt products without sacrificing quality.

ABOUT Recycled Asphalt

Recycled or Reclaimed Asphalt is the category for removed or reprocessed pavement materials containing asphalt and aggregates. These materials are mostly generated when asphalt pavements are removed for reconstruction, resurfacing, and accessing buried utilities which would otherwise end up in the landfill. BURNCO supplies responsible asphalt solutions with a focus on sustainability and a reduced environmental footprint.
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At BURNCO, the Recycled Asphalt Product (RAP) undergoes a meticulous process to extract high quality aggregates and well-graded materials that produce asphalt similar to, if not better than, virgin asphalt.


Reclaimed Asphalt

Asphalt or bitumen that is previously used to lay pavements, driveways, and parking lots.

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Reclaimed Aggregates

Aggregates like sand, gravel, and crushed stones obtained from asphalt pavements.

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What is RAP?

RAP or Recycled Asphalt Product is an asphalt pavement material which has been recycled after being removed from paved surfaces.

What is RAP composed of?

Recycled Asphalt Product consists of high-quality, premium grade aggregates coated on the outside with asphalt cement.

What is the Asphalt content in RAP?

The typical asphalt content in the Recycled Asphalt Pavement is around 4 to 6% of virgin asphalt.

How good is Recycled Asphalt for the environment?

The inclusion of RAP reduces the total amount of virgin aggregate and oil required for asphalt production, both of which are non-renewable resources.