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Recycled Concrete

BURNCO's waste policy ensures that the concrete returned to our plants is reused after ensuring sufficient quality.

ABOUT Recycled Concrete

BURNCO's recycling and waste management strategy ensures little to no waste from concrete production.
Concrete residuals from ongoing supply are used to create retaining wall blocks. Should the material be no longer be fit for use or the forms are full, remnants are stockpiled and later crushed for use as a base material.
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Among various types of construction and demolition waste, concrete waste accounts for over 50% of the total waste generation. While the most common disposal method would be to dump it in a landfill, it can lead to potential air and water pollution due to its strong alkalinity.
At BURNCO, our recycling strategy ensures that almost all the concrete waste is reused and repurposed to create newer, greener, and more innovative products.



Crushed concrete contains coarse aggregate and sand consistent with the concrete at time of production. Aggregate durability properties remain consistent with that of the original source, and the total aggregate content is typically in the range of 60-75%.

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Hardened Cementitious Paste

Hardened cementitious paste and sand, or the “concrete mortar” may remain bound to aggregate, or contribute to the fines fraction of fully graded crushed concrete when used as a base material.

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Where can Recycled Concrete be used?

Apart from using recycled concrete as an aggregate base, it can also be utilized to create 2” to 4” recycled stone, which can be used for site stabilization, bottom layer road base, and backfill.
Besides stone, recycled concrete can also be used to create engineered fill sand.

What are the benefits of Recycled Concrete?

Concrete waste takes up a significant portion of landfills and may not accommodate the size and volume, and is also extremely hazardous for the environment. Recycling concrete keeps these materials out of landfills and allows them to be repurposed across a spectrum of applications.